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Leading experience in a changing world

Since our fundation in 2005, our main target has been to fulfil industrial discharge needs without any waste of time and resources.

We would like to be your ideal patner to solve your water problems, even for a complete

waste water recovery if appliable.

We can proceed for an overall evaluation after having collected enough data , regarding the nature of the problem and more specifically an analysis coming from a recent sample, as well as typical production and discharge data.

We offer engineering and manufacturing of complete treatment plants as well as single applications. Our own laboratory supports research and services to our Customers, providing a complete pre- and after sale service, including analysis and diagnostics.

We offer our products and services to the following industrial sectors:

We supply of a wide range of products for use in the main treatments as well as for specific applications.
Among the most important products there are :


  • Cationic and anionic polyelectrolyte

  • Decolourizing agents

  • De-foaming agents

  • Bacteria and enzymes

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